Hello, I'm Barbara Wichman.

Barbara Wichman holds a long-standing reputation for accelerating positive change in organizations and developing successful executives.

Barbara's expertise lies in evolving cultures to accelerate goal achievement, develop leaders for current organizational needs, and, more importantly, for its future. Her organization savvy is solidified with her expertise in change management and collaborative relationship style, so strategies, purpose, and vision are realized.

She provides intensive competency and capability development for high-potential senior leaders and foundational intensives for emerging leaders. She is a trusted leadership coach and confidante.

Barbara is an exceptional organization and leadership effectiveness consultant, speaker, author of the Leadership Tinderbox book series, and co-author of a daily journal for leaders. She is a speaker, a trusted confidante, and driven to create success for her clients.

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I raised an incredible daughter, finished marathons, learned how to take striking photos, returned to painting, and wrote several books on leadership.

Never stopped learning.

Never stopped being curious.

Never stopped coaching.

Never lost the desire to develop great leaders.

Will never stop.

Neither should you.

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