The Secrets of Legendary Leadership

The Secrets of Legendary Leadership

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Barbara Wichman is dedicated to sharing the secrets of legendary leadership so you can lead brilliantly and live a life you love.


The Cream Always Rises to the Top

Episode #7

The genius of Justin Breen does not go unnoticed. What you may not recognize about him right away, is his genuine care for others. Running a successful PR firm, understanding the power of connection, and staying true...
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Parents - Let's Talk About Prison

Episode #6

Parents, as Leaders of your family, you are missing a huge opportunity if you are not talking to your children about prison.  Kids, especially teens, are bored, frustrated, and nit having fun like they are used to...
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Episode #5

That's right. One word. One word to align your life to your purpose. Great leaders have built legacies on their one word. Make sure you know your one word.
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I Don't Want This to End!

Episode #4

The stories of goodwill, love, and care for another are so heartwarming. I do not want it to end. It took a pandemic to start it. Will the end of the pandemic end it? I hope not. It is up to you!
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Moments of our Days - Leaders in Action

Episode #3

Leadership is showing up in so many ways. People are finding ways to make lives better. Support communities in compassionate ways. Perhaps it has taken the pandemic to get us back to our center, to greater compassion,...
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Welcome to The Secrets of Legendary Leadership

Episode #2

Welcome to the Secrets of Legendary Leadership where you will be inspired to lead brilliantly and live a life you love by learning from some of the greatest leaders in the business community and non-profits. Join us...
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