The Secrets of Legendary Leadership

The Secrets of Legendary Leadership

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Barbara Wichman is dedicated to sharing the secrets of legendary leadership so you can lead brilliantly and live a life you love.


What is Your Story?

Season #1 Episode #19

Everyone has a story. Sometimes is easy to identify. For others, it may take a bit more work to uncover that life influencing story. The important part of knowing your story is to see how it has colored your lens of...
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Nurturing Customers in a Hyper-Competitive Environment

Season #1 Episode #18

What if you changed your organization's perspective from Customer Service to Nurturing Customer Relationships? As the gap widens between success and failure in today's business landscape, mediocre or bad customer...
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The Three Ways to Validate the Truths You Concoct in Your Head

Episode #17

Three Ways to Validate the Truths You Concoct in Your Head Your brain is very efficient, but is it effective in how it serves you? The stories we create in our minds are often based in a muddied reality yet become...
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2021 is Coming at You and She has a New Bottle of Bourbon in Hand

Episode #16

Look, 2021 is not going to give you a pass. As a matter of fact, with a new Kentucky bourbon bottle in hand, she is going to give you all she's got. Your role as leader continues to be one that will have to shift...
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Courage May Not Be the Only Leadership Quality Required, but it May Be the Most Important Today

Episode #15

Amy Riley shares her wisdom on why the courage of a leader is not only desired but required, when it comes to driving positive change and facing circumstances that change daily. Join us in listening to the brilliant...
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Kindness is a Verb That Brings Hearts and Minds Together to Build New Relationships

Episode #14

Meeting at the corner where the school bus stop parents met every morning, was the spot for on woman to learn the power of storytelling. The moments moved her. She joined forces and ignited her way to a successful...
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The Startling Truth About Today's Business Environment, Your Decisions, and Your Success

Episode #13

In today's episode I sat down with Reuben Driedger, a business mentor who specializes in helping individuals with their personal brands. Growing up in a small town in Canada left him with only a couple viable options...
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Discover How Nurturing Power Partners Can Save You Time and Grow Your Business

Episode #12

Kim Kleeman is a nationally- renowned speaker, business growth coach, and award-winning entrepreneur. She was named Crain’s 40 Under 40 and was listed on the Inc. 500. Kim discovered the power partner and it makes a...
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CONQUER. The Act of Surmounting Challenges, Mastering Your Craft and Knowing Victory is the Prize

Episode #11

Wouldn't it be great to make it less complicated and more fun? Find new skills to add to your competency toolkit. Look around to see where you can respond to the environment in which you find yourself - with no fault...
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A Leader Is Best When People Barely Know He Exists

Episode #10

The title is a quote from the Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu. And a deep and thoughtful quote I would expect from knowing Chris Vaughan. With a brilliant mind, a keen wit for observation, and genius intelligence, Chris...
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The Key to Messaging is Knowing the Purpose

Episode #9

The thriving art of crafting impactful content is dependent on having a laser focus on the purpose of your messaging. Today, Debra Kocis shares her wisdom and experience in designing brand messaging that is enticing...
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Creative Marketing with an Edge for Ethics

Episode #8

The genius of Dana Magnus is steeped in creativity. Her ability to create magical marketing with an intensely modern, individual style and unwavering ethics is what sets her apart from the average marketer. She...
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